Friday, November 7, 2014

Basting a Quilt - The Easy Way!

A new technique for basting

Here's another technique to baste your quilt. I saw it on one of my quilting groups and think it's a Great idea! They bought boards, but I'm thinking you could use empty bolt boards from your quilt shop, Joanne's, etc...and it would work as well. As far as using it for a full sized quilt, I'm not sure but at least you could start it as the center basting. From the center to the top and to the bottom and then to the sides without the board and know that it's nice and straight!
Here's the vid and hope that might help. I'd Love to sell my books and I have different techniques in there to baste, but there's always room for more Info!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A little giggle for the day

I thought this would be fun to publish today...Do you have your quilt in a hoop/frame or lap today?

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Features to the blog

For those of you using Google Chrome a new feature has been added to my can hover over anything on the blog and PIN it if you like! Feel free!! Tell your friends :)
And...But WAIT there's more! Look on the right and you'll see a 'contact' box, feel free to contact me day or night. I might be sleeping at the time, but I'll make sure I get right back to ya as soon as I can!
Any more that you need on here, just let me know I'm open to suggestions.
I'll be adding some more little history tidbits soon. It's a 'thing' of mine. I tried pole dancing...didn't work out 'sa well...:/

Basting- It's not fun but a Must!

Basting is High on the priority list of things to do to prep your quilt for quilting. "Sandwiching" your three layers and stablizing for the hoop, frame or lap.

My book will give you several different methods according to the space you have to work with for full size and smaller quilt tops.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No, you Can't take it with you!

As quilters, we all have our stash of fabrics, tools, U.F.O'., finished quilts and who knows what else. Including your sewing machines, sergers. Etc.

Have you considered what will happen to all of your treasures when you go 'toes up'? NOT that we want to think about that, but it happens. Preferably in the quilt room.

A group of quilting friends and I made a “Will” years ago, specifying just who got what when we were no longer quilting on earth or of sound mind. (not that a sound mind really figures in this equation) I don't know about you, but my family would have NO clue at that time what to do with all of it. I could just see it all going to Salvation Army or to the curb at trash day. It would be an overwhelming job for anyone even if they knew what they were doing and the value.
Certain fabric of mine when to certain people, machine, etc. Actually, the local friends were to 'come and get it', first come, first serve on certain things.. The sewing machines and tools, gadgets were to go to certain people or organizations as well.

You might give this a thought, look around and see what you have. You'll be surprised if you wonder as a non-quilter might just What to do, even a quilting person would be overwhelmed without the help of our 'last wishes'....

Do you have ideas on this?? Leave a comment! :)