Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome to my new/old hobby!

Fairy houses, bird feeders and birdie houses....that's how my mind rolls. Since I can't quilt anymore, I've picked up my old love of woodworking. Go visit my Google page and see what I've been up to :)

I'll be taking more pix and adding some stories to the little abodes, in the meantime. have fun in my 'mystery' rooms and cottages...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Farewell Dear Friend

                                                        (picture captured from her blog)
Today I found out that a dear friend, Linda Brannock had died in May, 2015. It was such a shock that I'm not quite processing it yet.
We lost touch when we went down different paths about 2001 but I thought of her often and the good times we had and challenging each other. She with her folk art/primitive designs and sending them to me to hand quilt into designs that would make it Pop for her models for her publications. Who would have thought I would have done her hand quilting for all those years.
Star Quilt will be forever in my heart. Linda was a true artist and I had my favorites of her designs. She was also a mentor to me when I first started quilting for her as a team for Red Wagon Designs. I had never hand quilted Over applique, 3-5 thickness of homespun.
The first one she brought to me was an all over desing OVER her pieced and applique design. I asked if she was Crazy! ha. but, I did it and that was the start of our work/friendship relationship.
She was a wonderful, cheerful person who was a great hostess when I'd go to her home for home baked goodies that her husband made up for us, as well as a great cook.
She even named her beloved kitty "Star" and I marveled at her home. So well appointed with primitives and authentic antiques, I never wanted to leave.
I'm not privy to what happened, but I can sincerely say that she will certainly be missed not only in the quilting community, but by her friendships that she developed from all of her markets,shows and classes.
A few of my favorites and still have them were her Miss Jump and, of course, her stars and angels.
Linda, you're not on earth physically, but where you are I'm Sure you're still giving classes and coming up with wonderful pieces of art. I knew you, I love you and I will miss you even more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some fun pix of my quilting room re-do a lifetime ago

Some pix of my old quilting room. I got tired of blahhh walls, so got out the paint and made a 'faux' cabin. I painted horizontal lines to look like barn wood, fru fru hand painted foliage, caladium, morning glories....and yes, there IS a fabric thief in the  midst of my quilting room! And the bottom one of me smiling so big??? I don't EVER remember smiling like that when Piecing a quilt. Hand Quilting, YES, but not piecing!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I'm posting for a quilting friend. We're hoping to find and return this beauty!

Last weekend after the ORIGINAL Sewing & Quilt Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, my Potpourri quilt went missing. I had lent it to a Pins and Needles in Middleburg Heights, Ohio and it went missing after the show when they had a third party pack up their booth. I guess they thought it would turn up in one of the boxes and I only learned about it on Thursday, April 2. I am devastated as I now need to make another sample for Quilt Market in Minneapolis. This pattern is one of my biggest sellers. If anyone sees this quilt, it is mine. I have not sold it, and I have not given it to anyone. Please share this with anyone you can.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Basting a Quilt - The Easy Way!

A new technique for basting

Here's another technique to baste your quilt. I saw it on one of my quilting groups and think it's a Great idea! They bought boards, but I'm thinking you could use empty bolt boards from your quilt shop, Joanne's, etc...and it would work as well. As far as using it for a full sized quilt, I'm not sure but at least you could start it as the center basting. From the center to the top and to the bottom and then to the sides without the board and know that it's nice and straight!
Here's the vid and hope that might help. I'd Love to sell my books and I have different techniques in there to baste, but there's always room for more Info!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A little giggle for the day

I thought this would be fun to publish today...Do you have your quilt in a hoop/frame or lap today?

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